KC EdCollective
KC EdCollective
Supportive, face-to-face, right-fit environments for educators to test, validate and refine creative ideas.

An interactive, collaborative and dynamic event for KC educators to share, validate and refine their creative ideas.

Share what’s working for kids in your school at our September, 20th unconference.

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Picture a learning event full of energy, collaboration and interaction, where the presenters aren’t talking at you for hours, they’re sharing briefly what’s working for them and creating space to discuss implications for your own practice.

Now imagine what it would be like to be at this place connecting with other educators who are working for the common good, sharing your own ideas and walking away feeling supported, connected and validated in your work.

See yourself having deep conversations with your peers about what matters most in education, laughing with new friends, and connecting and networking with educators from around the city.


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the unconference format

Each participant to the unconference will leave with one emotionally compelling and high impact idea or strategy and a KC metro point-of-contact for follow up.


what to expect at unconference

“This is more than a gathering of educators. This is reconnecting with your peers, or finding them for the first time. The energy, the inspiration and the connection available to us with this format is unlike any traditional conference experience.”

We are facilitating a powerhouse group of educators to share wisdom, find inspiration, and connect around learning ideas for leading and thriving in our city.

Some of our best and brightest local talent will gather in Kansas City to dive deep, present what’s working and have energizing conversations along 4 tracks:

Professional Learning / Culture / Instruction / Achievement

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Come to the unconference and meet other educators in Kansas City.


Present your ideas and get feedback and validation from your peers.


Build confidence and relationships, for the good of our students across Kansas City.



Our city’s educators have immense creative talent but often times have too few strategies to see each other in practice to leverage this talent across the city for our students. Educators are walled in.

And yet, you can feel more confident and energized in your work. We’ve seen firsthand the growth in schools and classrooms when educators share ideas with their peers, see best practices, and feel validated in their expertise.

It’s time to gather these creatives in one place. We are educators and thought leaders. We are change-makers, dreamers and doers. It’s time to share ideas and resources, laugh and be inspired — and support each other for the good of our schools and our city.


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 meet the organizers


Joe Pistone

Joe is a KC educator and instructional coach who believes that there is immense creative talent and ideas within the local education ecosystem and that never has it been more important for educators to see each other in practice. Joe has been coaching teacher colleagues and teams for nearly a decade in KC from a strength-based coaching stance. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Penn State University, a M.S. in School Administration from the University of Central Missouri, and is pursuing his Instructional Coaching Certification through Jim Knight's Instructional Coaching Group.


Keith Schoen

Keith is a KC instructional coach and professional learning designer who believes that a collective vision of what is possible in education—gathered from observing each other across schools—will lead to better outcomes for educators and students. After teaching English for four years in the Dominican Republic at an Expeditionary Learning school, Keith moved to Kansas City where he has worked as a teacher, team lead, and coach at Guadalupe Centers High School for the past five years. Keith holds a Master's in Multicultural Education with TESOL, and participated in the Kansas City Leadership Cohort in the 2017-2018 school year.


5 reasons to attend 

  1. Connect with other educators across the city

  2. Learn from others ideas and make them your own

  3. Get a personal point of contact for follow-up

  4. Develop ideas further in learning labs or City Design Cohorts

  5. Enjoy a fun morning networking, presenting and learning!