learning labs

School to school learning excursions connecting KC educators to reservoirs of expertise


“District cultures improve when schools learn from each other, and when districts learn from one another.”
— Michael Fullan


Strategic connections that help you and your school grow can be difficult to find. Learning labs are face to face, right-fit professional learning opportunities for you to share, see, and refine best practices in education.


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We facilitate all our Learning Labs, but the experiences are only possible through the openness of host schools and the enthusiasm of coaches from participating schools in the KC metro area. A collective vision of what is possible—gathered from observing each other across schools—will lead to better outcomes for educators and students.


observe instructional coaching in action

observe best practices in the classroom


Instructional Coaching
fire prairie upper elementary
register for September 19


Math Instruction
Brookside Charter School
register for October 2


Instructional Coaching
Guadalupe Centers Elementary
register for October 14


Math Instruction
Citizens of the World Charter
register for October 14


Instructional Coaching
KC International Academy
register for November 6th


Literacy Instruction
Guadalupe Centers H’ School
register for November 18


how do learning labs work?

Our learning lab process is inspired by the well known instructional coach Diane Sweeney:


1. context

See and discuss key actions, systems, and documents that inform the best practice you are observing.

2. observation

Observe a best practice in action with specific look-fors to validate and refine your practice and the school you observe.

3. implications

Share what you see and hear in action. Everyone leaves with a specific next-step they can put into practice immediately.


“Through these Learning Labs I’m able to see other coaches critical perspectives. They affirm my practices and I gain clear, actionable next steps to refine for better outcomes. An invaluable process.”
Steven O’Sullivan, Math/Science Instructional Coach, Guadalupe Centers Middle School