face-to-face professional learning spaces for educators


Our city’s educators have immense creative talent but often have too few strategies to see each other in practice to leverage this talent for the good of our students. Many educators are simply walled in.

You can feel more confident and energized in your work. We’ve seen firsthand growth in schools and classrooms when educators share ideas with their peers and feel validated in their expertise.


meet other teachers in Kansas city

share creative ideas for learning

build your practice for the good of our city


how it works

experience a KCEC event and meet other educators in Kansas City

see new ideas, get peer feedback and validation for your own ideas

build confidence and relationships, for the good of students in KC


“As a firm believer and practitioner of culturally sustaining pedagogies, the KC EdCollective offer the perfect platforms for presenters and attendees to engage in meaningful conversations about topics that impact the lives of our students.”
—Marta Silva, Educator - Olathe North High School


what makes kcec different?

  • We empower local expertise rather than proposing one-size fits all solutions

  • We are educator centered not consulting centered

  • We coach educators into developing and sharing their expertise

  • We are practitioners of the practices we highlight


Educators! How much is working on your own costing you? How much faster could you build your practice if you had outside feedback? How many more students could excell because your practices have been validated?

Participate in our next unconference or learning lab and you’ll see how our training models make the difference.


kansas city education collective

We create face-to-face professional learning spaces for educators to see, share and refine best practices in education.