KC EdCollective
KC EdCollective
Supportive, face-to-face, right-fit environments for educators to test, validate and refine creative ideas.

 Schools learning from schools for the common good of students in Kansas City.


 Our Mission

To create supportive, face to face, right-fit professional learning spaces for educators to see, share, and refine their practice across schools in Kansas City

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1/3 of the bottom 5% of districts in Missouri are in the KC metro.

Schools Must Continuously Improve


25 districts in the KC metro are in the top 50% of districts in Missouri

Reservoirs of Expertise Exist


8 districts in the KC metro received 100% of their annual performance points

Let’s Share Our Immense Talent

Our goal is for no students to be served by a KC metro district performing in the bottom 25% of Missouri.


Key Strategies

The Kansas City Education Collective uses three key strategies to the connect reservoirs of expertise across the city and improve schools for students. In each of these strategies educators can see, share, and refine best practices with each other across Kansas City. 



An interactive, collaborative and dynamic event for KC educators to share, validate and refine their creative ideas

Learning Labs

School to school learning excursions that connect KC educators to reservoirs of expertise.


edDesign Cohort

Teams of educators creating for the common good of students.


Meet the Team


Joe Pistone

Joe is a KC educator and instructional coach who believes that there is immense creative talent and ideas within the local education ecosystem and that never has it been more important for educators to see each other in practice. Joe has been coaching teacher colleagues and teams for nearly a decade in KC from a strength-based coaching stance. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Penn State University, a M.S. in School Administration from the University of Central Missouri, and is pursuing his Instructional Coaching Certification through Jim Knight's Instructional Coaching Group.

Contact: joe@kcedcollective.org


Keith Schoen

Keith is a KC instructional coach and professional learning designer who believes that a collective vision of what is possible in education—gathered from observing each other across schools—will lead to better outcomes for educators and students. After teaching English for four years in the Dominican Republic at an Expeditionary Learning school, Keith moved to Kansas City where he has worked as a teacher, team lead, and coach at Guadalupe Centers High School for the past five years. Keith holds a Master's in Multicultural Education with TESOL, and participated in the Kansas City Leadership Cohort in the 2017-2018 school year.

Contact: keith@kcedcollective.org